Have you ever felt that you're going through the motions of life and are continuously spinning and all you want to do is yell STOP?

Are you listening to the same stories and complaints from the people in your world and YES can relate and at the same time are tired and just want OUT?

Have you envisioned your life a certain way when you were younger when dreams did exist and because of your past it installed a different belief so you CONFORMED?

If you said YES to at least to one of these questions now ask yourself:

1. Do you believe YOU created the life you live today?

2. Do you believe YOU have the power to change?

3. Are you ready to invest time, money and energy in creating

    that life you once dreamed of?

    Now, if you said YES to all three questions we are your Guide.

Within my experience of being a Guide to self-healing, self-love,

personal development and transformation, listening to people's

stories and feeling their confusion and pain in many areas of their

lives has taught me life can be simpler with more understanding

while taking forward actions and staying focused on one's desired



Being on the side of dream achievement i’m now able to lead others from 

uncertainty and pain to solution and resolution and guarantee my results in writing - or I keep working with you until your results have been achieved.





Have you ever felt you're going through the motions of life while succeeding and doing well yet something’s missing?


   Do you go to work everyday and listen to the same stories of colleagues
   unhappiness, complaints, and negative talk and in your head you’re   listening to your own self talk stating “there has to be more to life than   this?”


Are you beginning to see negative behaviours within your kids, spouse, and people closest to you and it’s getting to the point where is affecting your relationships with them as well as others connect to you?



Leaving home at a young age of 14 and having to grow up quickly and face the “normal” struggles of life in a system and society that dictates


“Go to school”

“Get good grades so you can get a good job”

“Pay your taxes”

“Have a family”

“Keep working hard until you can retire”

“Retire if you can with an employment and/or government pension that may or may not be able to provide retirement security ”


That I did.

I went to school

Received good grades

Always had good jobs and worked my way up the “success ladder” in the corporate and government chains

Got married and had two beautiful girls that are part of my soul’s purpose

and everything else society says we should have, I HAD!


I felt isolated, stuck, and confused yet kept going and succeeded. I believed that “hard work pays off”. YES, a fighter! My world as I knew it began to shift and change. The scary part of it was I believed it was out of my control. Little did I know! My family life began to fall apart; My jobs began to change down a road of uncertainty; Health had a turn down a very scary path and there was struggles in all areas of my life. So I thought!


I worked very hard for everything I had to be - a contributor to the life i was building and mastered the technique of self-sacrifice and independence.


WHO WAS I? Is this how my life was always going to be? Does hard work really pay off? Were the questions that filled my mind continuously.


When life and it’s roadblocks got the best of me I receive a phone call. A phone call from a client and friend. It was that phone call and one question that changed that course of my life...


As part of my journey to self-healing from a background of trauma, self-love, personal develop, growth within self, internal awareness, understand and rapport these have been key components in the successes in my life today. Being able to trust in oneself, trust in the path that's been put forth, and most importantly ACTION in times of fears and uncertainty as transformation awaits on the other side. This has been my life’s REWARDS.


As a Board Designated Trainer and Director of two Institutes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy and Master in Time Line Therapy® knowing WHY we do the things we do, hear the things we hear, and say the thing we say has allowed me to understand the underlying and deeper reasons to the questions we all have about ourselves and our lives. While uncovering the HOW in addressing roadblocks and living a life of self-healing, love, clarity, happiness and purpose it has granted me the ability to guide others into their own personal awareness, out of pain and conflict, their life's purpose and into solution and resolution.​


“I believe that having an understanding of a client's internal needs and desires is the foundation of any successful business as everything starts from within." Maria Esposito




Gina Bello

Owner, Hand Heart & Sole

Milton, ON

Working with Maria Esposito as my NLP Coach throughout the very profound and transformational Breakthrough process, has been a wonderful, very moving and positive experience. I found Maria to be a very attentive listener and very focused on my needs.



Destination Retreats is designed for people that enjoy the luxuries of travel while having the ability to learn HOW to maintain a lifestyle of wealth within the real estate and personal development industries, success in all areas of life and meet like minded people that are looking to build connections with YOU!


We focus on two main areas:




  • STRATEGIES - Uncovering the roadblocks within yourself that are preventing you from achieving your goals and life successes

  • PATTERNS - Self awareness of the actions you take or not taking that are contributing to your "stuck" factor

  • BEHAVIOURS - Why you are continuously feeling anxious, stressed, sadness, overwhelmed or any other negative emotions that are creating an unhealthy environment for you and your the people around you

  • ATTRACTION - understanding that you are 100% the cause of why you life is the way it is, why you are attracting certain people into your life and negative life occurrences

  • RELEASE + HEALING - we all come from a past and it's usually the installs from our past that create our reality today - lets take a look at that so you can release and heal the pain and trauma from those events so you can CREATE the life that you want today

  • FOCUS + DISCIPLINE  - Focus determines behaviours, behaviours determines results. Where is you conscious and unconscious focus? Are you truly disciplined the the day to day actions you take in achieving your life, business, career, relationship and health goals?

  • ACTION - Did you know any goal and dream is attainable when knowing your WHY, setting goals and reverse engineering baby steps?

  • RE-PROGRAMMING YOUR BRAIN - Yes! This is possible and more simple then you think!



  • WHY - Do you know WHY you would like to build wealth in real estate? Your true WHY?


    • Building your investor pool and qualifying them - lets weed out the not so serious people!

    • Investment strategies - force appreciation, buy and hold, fix and flip, short term vacation rentals, and the list continues

    • What do we do next once we buy? A question many new investors have!

    • Setting up your market resource pool of vetted professionals and how to qualify them

    • Becoming a Coach and effectively coaching others to their successes

    • How to build a business with multiple streams of passive income so you can devote your time and energy to the things that matter most.

    • Attracting Join Venture partners that want to partner with you
    • Building active income and cash flow with property Wholesaling​


As you are enjoying the exotic destination you will gain insight of the internal you that will benefit in managing the stresses of everyday life. The tools you will gain on how to build a profitable and lucrative business that's linked to your life's purpose. You will return home with a new and profound energy and excitement to improve your life and wellbeing while knowing how to take on the road blocks of everyday life and business success.