We all go though different events in our lives and ask the
question why is this happening to me? Why me? Or even can I get a break? This put's one in the effect side of the equation which means you have given up all accountability and all of your personal power energetically.


How many of you can answer the question "Why are you here?" Here as in your purpose in life. For myself, It's to guide people in knowing they are good enough and deserving of life successes and wealth in all areas. I am here to guide people in determining WHY they haven't achieved their ultimate goals in life. I am here to guide people that have manifested conflict, pain, illness in their lives into being in a state of solution and health + wellness.

I was triggered a few weeks ago and my aha moment was when unconsciously the answers to my triggered state came up consciously. So, to make a long story short PERCEPTION IS PROJECTION. The funny thing is this wasn't my projections it was other's.

For those reading this and are in business for themselves and also for those who are working for someone else take a look at the the people that are in your world/life. Now, can you feel, hear or even see the similarities of those people that are within yourself?

Simply put, you attract the people in your business and life. The characteristics you like and dislike within them are within you. In business, you want to service a client and provide the most ultimate service experience-whether that's in a product or service experience or an opportunity and they say maybe, no, or even avoid responding your calls and/or messages. Why is that? Without going into detail it's YOU!!!! You're the reason. The real question is have YOU ever responded the way people respond to YOU?

How you respond in your world is how other's will respond to you. PERCEPTION IS PROJECTION!!!!!! You can only see what's in other's if it's within self.

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