Did you know that your brain cannot make a difference between real and imagined?


  • Time Line Therapy® you are using your imagination with volition

  • After discovering how you store time on the unconscious level, using 11 easy to follow steps you will let go of all past negative emotions one by one

  • This process is content free

  • You never have to re-live any of your traumatic events, only preserve the learnings from them

  • Floating above your timeline ensures that you are staying out of your body and far enough from any past event

  • This process is comforting, relaxing and safe

  • You can choose to enjoy this process of working with your Unconscious Mind consciously.

What is Time Line Therapy® used for?

• Limiting Beliefs/Limiting Decisions
• Negative Emotions
• Phobias
• Anxiety
• Chronic Pain
• Depression
• Divorce counselling
• Grief counseling

Time Line Therapy® is complementing any work with any health care professional. The process won’t prevent you to feel negative emotions in the future. It is only helping you to get rid of past negative emotions that you have no use to hold onto.

Is Timeline Therapy® safe?

It is safe, easy and reliable only when it is performed by a designated Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer.

Does Timeline Therapy® last?

Your session will last when it’s done by a professionally trained Practitioner. Once, you have released your negative emotions, your practitioner will carefully test past experiences. The process will ensure that you released all your negative emotions on past events permanently.


Thinking about past events when you used to feel those old emotions and now you cannot. Just imagine how this process will provide you with an undeniable and profound experience. Your results are guaranteed in writing.