Your next step is my Wellness Assessment where we explore in depth the presenting problem and establish the baseline of intervention. This is an in person, 2 hours session and there are no obligation for further therapy/coaching


During our Wellness Assessment we will focus on three main areas:


Why you have this presenting problem 

This is the blueprint of you. Why have you made the unconscious decision to be where
you are today



How you do the presenting problem

This is the process phase.  How you do one thing is how you do everything


What are the details and focus of your problem

This is the content phase. Your personal history will uncover the details of your Why
and How


As a result of uncovering your blueprint, process and content this may provide enough awareness and allow one to take action.  By taking action and making that first move removes negative emotions and hesitations

In completion of the Wellness Assessment, we determine whether it’s the right time to
take the journey and which method best suits your needs